Submission Flow

  1. Authors submit manuscripts all year-round through the journal portal.
  2. Managing Editors acknowledge receipts of submissions.
  3. Managing Editors conduct a preliminary review of the manuscripts to see if submitted articles follow the journal’s guidelines and policies.
  4. Managing Editors make a report to the Editorial Board about the results of the preliminary review.
  5. Editorial Board assigns Deputy Editor-in-chief and Associate Editors to further check the merits of the manuscripts for peer review.
  6. If manuscripts merit peer-reviewing, editors (Deputy and Associate Editors) make the necessary recommendations to the Editor-in-chief for this purpose.
  7. Editor-in-chief through the Managing Editors sends initially approved manuscripts to reviewers for double-blind review.
  8. Reviewers return manuscripts to SABTON.
  9. Managing Editors inform the authors of the reviewers’ comments and recommendations.
  10. Authors act on the recommendations of the reviewers and submit revised versions of the manuscripts if necessary.
  11. The Editorial Board makes the final decision to evaluate a submission's suitability for publication.
  12. Editorial Board decides when to release the issue of SABTON.
  13. Any announcement or call for papers for this journal, on a special theme or topic, will be done by the Managing Editors upon approval by the Editorial Board.