About the Journal

SABTON: Multidisciplinary Research Journal is the official research publication of the Eastern Visayas State University-Burauen Campus published biannually in June and December.  It is a multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed, and open-access research journal which publishes articles in the fields of Mathematics, Management, Agri-Fishery, Education, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Language, Literature, Technology, Humanities, and Social Sciences.

The inception of this multidisciplinary journal is ushered by the role that research plays in the academe.  Research has become the raison d’ȇtre of universities and colleges as contributors to inclusive development.  From the Waray term “sabton” which means “to see, find and learn,” this journal is a platform in itself for knowledge dissemination, utilization, progression and innovation. The journal SABTON also stands for Scientific and professional Articles By Teachers, Organizations/agencies, and Novice researchers as the journal also aims to establish networks of professionals and social scientists for optimum research and development opportunities.