The Notion of Peace in the “Sinugbuanon-Baybayanon”: Perspectives of the People from the Margins


Interpersonal Relationship
Faith in God

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Fernandez, Jr, G., & Quebec, J. (2021). The Notion of Peace in the “Sinugbuanon-Baybayanon”: Perspectives of the People from the Margins. SABTON: Multidisciplinary Research Journal, 3(1), 23-33. Retrieved from


Peace is one thing that many cultures understand and define. As language is a part of culture, peace is also expressed and construed in a variety of ways. This paper explores into how members of two marginalized communities, a coastal fishing barangay and a farming village in the hinterlands of Baybay City in the western part of Leyte, understand the notion of peace. Using the framework of Virgilio Enriquez’s makapilipinong pananaliksik, this study aims to determine the Baybayanon local terms fisherfolks and farmers relate to peace, inquire into the various aspects of how Baybayanon fisherfolks and farmers define peace, and understand the Baybayanon fisherfolks and farmers’ means of achieving peace. This study then concludes that Baybayanon fisherfolks and farmers notions of peace are expressed through the terms and definitions in line with the peace concepts of kinabuhi sa kinaiyahan (life in relation to the environment), gugma sa isig ka tawo (love for others) and pagsalig ug pagtuo sa Ginoo (trust and faith in God).



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