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Vol 2 No 1 (2021)
Published December 15, 2021
Volume 2, Number 1 (2021) | Light in-the-Dark

Imagine a world without light. Uncertainties dominate leaving all in doom. Such a situation speaks similarly in an academic community, in the absence of scholarly pieces. Research brings light to guide, instruct the enthusiasts and justify the need to extract the truth from the darkness. Higher education institutions had experienced life in-shadows as effects of the global health crisis. Experiencing doubt for years may be meant trouble traversing the educational system, but believing in the light suggests brighter days for those who lose not the hope.

This edition adds a ray for educational research to shine even brighter than before. In the circumstance where researchers are doubting, their works are manifestations to better the system to innovate and evolve and reframe the learning landscape.  COVID-19 paved these researchers to transition to better normal where most of the works are reflective of one’s innovation, displaying creative science, employing technology to advance basic education, and documenting experiences to shift the paradigm of learning.

In the realization of industry 4.0, the use of technology as a support system becomes evident in the conducted study among postgraduate professionals. It highlighted the role of smartphones and their careful utilization to assist learning in a borderless capacity. The same is true in the employment of gamification in infusing knowledge which seemed impossible at first, however, had proved significant to impact competence of a program outcome. Anecdotal reports the downside of technological advancement as humanity migrated from basic to complex. Fortunately, a perspective noted that embracing media complexities lifted morals and wider awareness to issues-of-the- hour.

The then traditional classroom setup has to be enhanced to promise a better quality of men and women. Maximization of available minute resources highlighted the creativity of educators to model modern means of humanistic instruction, while vigilant exploration on its effects among learning recipients. Our scarce resources must not hamper the intention to nurture brains, hone skills, and align attitudes as we all light the world.

The journal’s cover imaged breaking darkness consistently with lit. In like manner, this version produced fine knowledge influencing the new understanding of education, technology, management practices both on a national and international scale.  It is with hope, that these become cornerstones to increasing nuances among the population across the lifespan.


Joel Rey U Acob
Nursing Lecturer, Visayas State University
Visca, City of Baybay, Leyte Philippines

+63 9569161146


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