TARAN-AWAN Journal of Educational Research and Technology Management

Current Issue

Vol 1 No 1 (2020)
Published December 15, 2020
Inaugural Issue (2020)

Valuable works of budding researchers across the regional territories are then featured. The studies involving students and their behaviors towards learning are core ingredients of this year’s version. Innovative teaching and learning approaches opened new opportunities for students to capture explorative experiences to effectuate academic performance are highlighted in the work of Ian Maglines in Southern Leyte. This resulted in influencing factors to consider student’s career preferences among senior high school, as documented by Brenda Dublin and the company of Tanauan, Leyte.

The work of Belinda Basa and company in 2020, able to articulate teaching competencies of science educators and student’s satisfaction; mathematical skills, and perceived level of importance (Eduardo E. C. Cornillez, Jr.)  in the context of today’s educational landscape. Perception studies among accountancy students (Joshua Salceda) and the application of machine learning to predict student performances which employed correlation and predictive study designs of Roxan Morilla and others proved that research can be done even in the absence of physical means of data collection.


Joel Rey U Acob, DNsg Sc, RN

Nursing Lecturer, Visayas State University

Visca, City of Baybay, Leyte Philippines
joel.acob@vsu.edu.ph; +63 9569161146

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The TARAN-AWAN Journal of Educational Research and Technology Management is a multidisciplinary, and peer-reviewed journal. It aims to disseminate relevant and significant research in Education and Technology Management across disciplines.

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