Philosophizing from the Farmer’s View: A Preliminary Investigation


philosophizing, farmer, agriculture, condition, challenge, continuity

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Enaya, B. P. (2022). Philosophizing from the Farmer’s View: A Preliminary Investigation. ARADMAN: Multidisciplinary Research Journal, 2(1), 57-71. Retrieved from


In an attempt to contribute to the discussion of the philosophy of agriculture, this paper introduces a preliminary philosophical discourse on the views of the farmers of the Municipality of San Francisco, Southern Leyte. It seeks to philosophize from the vantage point of the farmers. It uses thematic analysis from the face-to-face interview with the selected farmers. Then, it purposefully integrates a method, which I call, “Philosophizing from” – a process of philosophical discourse that proceeds from the views of the participants. The result of inquiry leads to the recognition of the condition, challenges, and continuity in the life of the farmers. Thus, this preliminary investigation acknowledges the reality of agricultural life expressed from the farmer’s perspective.