Hermeneutics as an Approach in Teaching and Learning Literature


Hermeneutics, Literature, Teaching, and Learning

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Pajares, G. G. (2022). Hermeneutics as an Approach in Teaching and Learning Literature. ARADMAN: Multidisciplinary Research Journal, 2(1), 37-56. Retrieved from https://journal.evsu.edu.ph/index.php/amrj/article/view/290


In the Philippines, hermeneutics is not a familiar concept and approach of teaching and learning literature among literature teachers and students. Indeed, there is a shortage of studies on hermeneutics in the teaching and learning literature in senior high school and higher education in the said country. With content analysis, this paper discusses hermeneutics as an approach to teaching and learning literature that serves as an additional and alternative approach and an overarching approach of education and learning literature among Filipino literature teachers and students. This paper discusses that hermeneutics is the science, theory, and art of interpretation. Since all forms of literature need interpretation and understanding to be taught and learned, the teaching and learning of literature require hermeneutics. Likewise, the paper shows that there are different ways of doing hermeneutics depending on the framework used. Thus, this paper discusses the hermeneutics of Friedrich Schleiermacher, Wilhelm Dilthey, Hans George Gadamer, Paul Ricoeur, and Jacques Derrida as approaches in teaching and learning literature.